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You can build positive childhood experiences: Look. Listen. Love. Learn.

  • Take the time to talk with your child, even when you think she doesn’t understand your words yet.
  • Create routines and boundaries for your child so that he can be healthy and secure.
  • Listen to your child.
  • Think that all of her feelings are important.
  • Accept and expect your child to make mistakes.
  • Strive to understand and respond to your child’s feelings.
  • Think about what your child needs before you think about your own needs.
  • Look your child in the eye when you talk to her.
  • Try to comfort your child whenever he seems to be in distress.
  • Try to get your child’s cooperation rather than seeking control.
  • Keep your voice calm when talking to your child.
  • Compliment your child’s accomplishments.
  • Understand that your worth as a person is not dependent on your child.
  • Know your child is an individual who is different from all other children.
  • Know that your child will learn to get along with others by being with others.
  • Believe teaching your child new skills is better than punishing.
  • Calm yourself when frustrated.
  • Tell your child that she is loved and lovable.

Learn more about how these positive experiences build a foundation of optimal childhood development and adult flourishing by exploring Behavior Checker and the book, Discipline with Love and Limits.

The authors and Raised with Love and Limits Foundation disclaim responsibility for any harmful consequences, loss, injury or damage associated with the use and application of information or advice contained in these prescriptions and on this website. These protocols are clinical guidelines that must be used in conjunction with critical thinking and critical judgment.